Master of Gnosticism
Master of Gnosticism

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Master of Gnosticism
Course Credits: 4
Conferral: Master Certificate

Lesson Type: Email
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Course Outline:

The Master of Gnosticism course will present the philosophical and religious ideals of ancient and modern Gnosticism and its moral and ritual practices. The 20-lesson course will also introduce key items about the history of Gnosticism, major Gnostic Movements, Gnostic scriptures and Texts and Gnostic-Christian ties.

Lessons include topics about the following:

A Definition of Gnosticism
Gnostic scriptures, Texts
Philosophical and Religious
The Main Features of Gnosticism
Moral and Ritual Practice
Major Gnostic Movements and Texts
Important Terms and Concepts
Gnosticism: Ancient and Modern
Gnosticism and the New Testament
Gnostic and Gnostic-Christian Ties
Gnosticism and Christianity
The Gnostic Gospels -- Are they the real history of Jesus?
Why is Gnosticism Important Today?
Nag Hammadi Library
Gospel of Judas - Who wrote it and what does it say?
The Secret Teachings
Gnosticism Today
Summation & Final

Instructions are included in the course for where to submit any assignments, quiz and essay questions. A Course Final you submit will be reviewed by Faculty, and your completion certificate/diploma will be issued by the ULC Seminary Board of Directors.

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