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Universal Life Church Online
We Are One


The Universal Life Church will ordain anyone who asks, regardless of their belief system, age, race, gender or orientation. We believe that ordination is a right and we will assist anyone in exercising that right.

The ULC has two tenets: the absolute right of freedom of religion and to do that which is right. It is up to each person to peacefully determine what is right.

The Universal Life Church is here to support your relationship with your God, Gods or with your lack of belief in any higher force, and to recognize that each person must walk his or her own path. And as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others, you have our support here at Universal Life Church Online (ULC.NET) to do so.

A Few Words About The ULC
Founder Rev. Kirby Hensley was raised in North Carolina as a Baptist. He was illiterate, but still found ways to learn about things that interested him, namely religion. He created the Universal Life Church in 1959 because he felt that everyone's beliefs should be respected and welcomed. He fought for his convictions in the courts, eventually getting ULC established as its own denomination, and regularly preached his beliefs across the country until his death in 1999.

Lida Hensley, his wife of 46 years, succeeded Kirby as the church president until she passed away in 2007. Today, Andre Hensley, Kirby's son, serves as president of the Universal Life Church Headquarters.

Where We Are Now
ULC.NET is the longest established Universal Life Church Web site. Officially authorized and endorsed by the church headquarters in Modesto, ULC.NET provides an online hub for ULC ministers and members.

Recently, the ULC Seminary merged into the ULC.NET family. The Seminary is located in Elk Grove, CA, and is managed by Rev. Amy Eileen Long.

Amy's personal beliefs lean heavily towards spirituality and the focus of the Seminary is geared towards finding personal truth. Each person has a different truth and a different path. The challenge is to learn about different beliefs and to find the truth in each one for yourself. We welcome people of all beliefs and encourage knowledge and understanding.

A Few Words About The ULC Seminary
Rev. Amy Long is the current president and founder of the Universal Life Church Seminary. In 1990, she attended a one-year seminary at the Church of Divine Man (graduating in January of 1991) followed by a year and a half of post-graduate studies in the same church. In 1994, she became ordained through the Universal Life Church. She did so initially as a way to preserve her ministerial license. In 1995, she began performing weddings as the officiant and has also worked as a wedding DJ since about 1995. In 1997, she wrote and published the book 'The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired'. She wrote this book with ULC ministers in mind. Following that, she published the book, 'Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage' with generous contributions from a variety of authors, in addition to her own work, followed by 'More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage' several years later.

To date, Amy has performed well over 600 weddings, as well as several dozen funerals, which helped her to create many of the ceremonies found in the books. The Ministers' Handbook is a recent addition and has a wealth of information in it. She became involved with the ULC first with a now-defunct Website operated by Daniel Zimmerman out of Tuscon, AZ. She created a lot of the materials and resources, and began working to improve the overall perception of the Universal Life Church. It was then that she came up with the idea of the ULC Seminary. She strongly believes in the importance of training and knowledge and values the input and integrity of the ULC ministers. She wanted to help them achieve their goals, wherever possible, and also wanted to share as much information with the ministers as possible. When it became clear that her views differed sharply with those of Zimmerman, she branched out on her own and launched the Seminary website

Over the years, the ULC has sometimes suffered a bad reputation with members of certain religious organizations because of the appearance of being non-religious (and sometimes, in the case of Rev. Hensley’s teachings, perceived as anti-religious). The church leadership continues to work hard to change that misconception and towards fulfilling the spiritual needs of increasingly diverse spiritual community by offering a wide variety of services and information. To this end, we have a variety of guest sermons, multiple FAQs, an expanding seminary and much more. There is always room for improvement and expansion. If there is anything you would like to see added to the site, which will help you reach your spiritual goals, please send a note to and we will see what we can do.

Thank you and welcome to the Universal Life Church family!