Bachelor of Sufism
Bachelor of Sufism

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The Bachelor of Sufism is a 20-Lesson course that explores definitions and theories about of the origin of Sufi Mysticism and its relationship to Islamic studies. Study cards are offered optionally. They are recommended for enrichment and not as a requirement to complete this course.

We will begin by exploring a number of definitions and theories of origin as well as the relationship of Sufism with Islam along with the question of whether one must be a Muslim to become a Sufi.

A few of the topics highlighted in the lessons include:

Islamic Mysticism
Spiritual Progression
Teachers and Saints
Sufi Orders
Important Influences

More topics to learn about are included throughout the lessons.

“Sufism is the modern form of Gnosis, the secret knowledge passed down from the ancients…the Zoroastrians, the old Hindu yogis, the Platonists, and the Essenes, the followers of the secret path having continued up to the present time under diverse mystical appellations, with tenets modified by the ages within which they live. The form the ‘archetype’ of existence, a regular system of spiritual creation.”
--Sir Richard Francis Burton

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