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Universal Life Church Products for Ministers!
If you are a minister who wants to perform a ceremony, increase your education, or open a church, this is the place to come. We have supplies and services to help you in your quest to find your path.

Welcome to our new and improved ULC Store. Please note that registration for the Store is optional, and is entirely separate from the ordination records. So if you find that you don't have an account or login, simply create one at checkout, or checkout as a "guest". We still have all the existing records and information, but this new shopping cart will provide more flexibility, convenience, and stability for you to rely on.

Please look around and let us know what you think! More products being added regularly. We have a lot more clip on badges and cards for you to look at. New pictures, new products, great videos, etc. Check out our affiliation with the ULC Seminary program as well. We have a growing number of courses for you to explore. For your convenience, you may choose a product category from the top menu

We have many products to choose from and we usually ship within 2-3 business days. FedEx orders will ship within one business day, often the same day, if we can.

Since 1959, the Universal Life Church has remained headquartered in Modesto, California, and has congregations around the world. The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. ULC ministers come from all walks of life and many spiritual traditions. We are all a part of Universal Life because of our belief in the universal doctrine, which is:

"Do only that which is right"

We believe everyone has the right and responsibility to find and follow their own path and determine for themselves what is right. As long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others, it is not in conflict with the ULC doctrine. Along with this responsibility, each person bears responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make. Come celebrate truth, wisdom, and religious freedom with us here at the original and genuine Universal Life Church.

Ultimate Marriage Ministry Package Minister's wallet card Certificate of Sainthood
Certificate of Sainthood
Our Price: $10.00
Everything for a professional wedding ministry Professional style wallet card Certificate of Sainthood
Basic Ministry Package Complete Ministry Package Basic Ministry Package
Basic Ministry Package
Our Price: $39.95
Complete Ministry Package
Our Price: $119.95
Deal of the Day Price: $99.95
Basic Ministry Package
Our Price: $39.95
Everything you need to get started as a real minister A complete ministry in a box Everything you need to get started as a real minister
Universal Life Church Doctor of Divinity Degree Mini Clergy Package
Doctor of Divinity
Our Price: $29.95

Mini Clergy Package
Our Price: $14.95

Doctor of Divinity Degree In depth Bible study course and degree The essential items all ministers need
Universal Life Church Ordination Certificate Friar Tuck Mens Traditional Tab Shirt, Short-sleeve Basic Ministry Package
Basic Ministry Package
Our Price: $39.95

Official Certificate of Ordination Men's short sleeve tab colalr clergy shirt Everything you need to get started as a real minister

Today's Super Deal!

Magnetic Car Ribbon

Our Price: $5.95
ULC Car Ribbon

Magnetic car ribbon. Announce your status as a minister and
support for the Universal Ministry!

Top Sellers

Master of Metaphysics - Spirit Quest
Our Price: $74.95
Wallet Card with Photo
Our Price: $29.95
Special Church Title
Our Price: $10.00

New Products

Master of Paganism
Our Price: $59.95
ULC Sermons on DVD
Our Price: $9.95
Bachelor of Shamanism
Our Price: $64.95
Clip-on ID Holder
Our Price: $4.95
Deal of the Day Price: $2.95
Bachelor of Sufism
Our Price: $64.95