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Mystical Oracle Yes/No Coin
Mystical Oracle Yes/No Coin

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Each collector-quality coin will arrive sealed in an air-tight coin capsule for protection.
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New! Mystical Oracle Yes/No divination challenge casting coin for readings. The dual-sided coin can also be gifted as a commemorative item / souvenir coin, or even a medallion for good luck.
Please do not accept cheaper imitation versions of this item. The casting coin we offer is correctly forged for true oracle readings.

We have taken extra care and expense with our producer to manufacture a version of this coin to a strict standard for professional use within the divination community. The coins from our production are balance-weighted which is critical for valid casting results. The coin is also minted with a reeded/ridged edge to allow the coin to spin momentarily on profile if that method of casting is used or preferred. Please note, not all reeded casting coins have the vital weight-balance feature that we required for the production of our coin.

It is 100% suitable for professional readings or to consult the coin for casual readings. The item is produced at a quality well-liked by collectors, and can also be readily gifted as a souvenir.

The dual sided coin has a three-dimensional relief. Each side is embossed with rich symbolism.

One side depicts the image of a winged skeletal figure and is inscribed with NO.
The other side is inscribed with YES and depicts symbols reminiscent of ouija or talking/spirit board themes.

The skeletal figure represents a requirement for change or transition. The alchemical symbols represent providence or influence.

To use: Hold or turn the coin in your hand for a moment focusing on the topic or question. When the timing feels appropriate, cast the coin. Your method of casting can include flipping the coin in the air, spinning or rolling the coin on its profile, tossing the coin onto a cloth or soft surface, shaking the coin in a receptacle and releasing it similar to casting dice. There are more creative ways not mentioned here! Whatever your method or your result may be, always trust your intuition to do what is best.

Note: Because these coins are collector quality, each will arrive sealed in an air-tight coin capsule for protection.

Approximately 1.5 inch diameter. Quality zinc alloy available in an Antique Bronze finish or Antique Silver finish.

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