Master of Spiritual Awareness
Master of Spiritual Awareness

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This is a course based on the book, The Celestine Prophecy. In this 20 week course, you will enhance your spiritual awareness and clarity. The course is interesting and informative.

Insights into Awareness is based on the teachings of James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy and Dr. King's own ministerial courses, and is structured to assist the minister in becoming more in tune with the Higher Light of Awareness by presenting a series of lessons structured to assist him or her in learning techniques for spiritual growth for personal spiritual enrichment and to use the techniques offered with the members of the congregations and Circles to give them the tools to live more spiritually aware.

The foundation of the course comes from material based on the Celestine Prophecy, a teaching novel written by James Redfield, which contains The Nine Insights and is devoted to a particular revelation into the actual essence and meaning behind Life on this planet, a body of spiritual truths found in the reservoir of Native America teaching and on the spiritual teachings of Dr. King and is presented to those who are searching for a meaning to life that goes beyond that of simple survival and financial concerns in everyday life.

These teachings also predict a massive transformation to take place in human society in the last decades of the Twentieth Century and on into the next Millennium. According to the Insights, this transformation will be a kind of Renaissance in consciousness, and will occur very slowly. It is not 'religious' in nature, but it is spiritual. .

Through these "Insights" we are discovering something new about human life on this planet -- about what our existence here really means and entails -- and this knowledge will begin to alter human events and culture dramatically forever. With this course you will be learning techniques to assist you to grow in spiritual awareness, and to bring this knowledge to the members of your congregations and Prayer Circles to help them to learn to live more spiritually in a state of aware balance with the everyday stresses of modern living.

For a sample lesson of this course, go to http://www.ulcseminary.org/sampleawareness.php

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