Master of the Historical Jesus
Master of the Historical Jesus

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This is a course that looks at Jesus from a Historical perspective. I had a great response to the lesson about how others see Jesus from other religions, so I think this is a course that will please and enlighten a lot of people. Below is an overview of the course.

Lesson One-- Introduction to Historical Jesus Studies/Source and Gospel Synopsis

Lesson Two-- Religious Sects of Jesus' Day

Lesson Three-- Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period One and Period Two

Lesson Four--Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period Three and Period Four

Lesson Five--Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period Five (Renewed Quest/Post Quest) The Jesus Seminar

Lesson Six-- The Q Source (The Hypothetical Gospel of Q)

Lesson Seven--Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library- The Gospel of Thomas Part 1

Lesson Eight--Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library- The Gospel of Thomas Part 2

Lesson Nine--The Secret Gospel of Mark

Lesson Ten--The Gospel of Mary

Lesson Eleven--The Environment in First Century Palestine (Jewish/Pagan)

Lesson Twelve--The Kingdom of Heaven (Secret Teachings) (Part 1)

Lesson Thirteen--The Kingdom of Heaven (Secret Teachings) (Part 2)

Lesson Fourteen--The Kingdom of Heaven(Secret Teachings(Part 3)+++This may entail more lessons

Lesson Fifteen--The Resurrection

Lesson Sixteen--Lesson Twenty++++ (A Probable Reconstruction of the life of the Historical Jesus)

This may entail more lessons. It will also conclude with a final assignment for the student to reflect upon all that they have learned and from all of that information reconstruct the life of Jesus from their own point of view. This final assignment should be at least five pages long.

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