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Ritual Figure Candle (Black Cat)
Ritual Figure Candle (Black Cat)

You will receive 1 candle in this color and style.
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Our black cat ritual figure candle can be used decoratively as an altar piece or for use with spellwork involving protection, banishing, uncrossing, unhexing and repelling negativity.

You can also designate the energy of the candle to be whatever it represents to you; including a Spirit Guide, Familiar, the Goddess Bast, or other Loved One.

This is a true black ritual candle that is solid black all the way through, not one that is outer-coated with color.

**You will receive 1 candle in this color and style**

5.5 inches tall
1.5 inches wide
Size is approximate. Shape and detail may vary slightly from the photo.

Our ritual figure candles are stored respectfully after being energetically cleared in Himalayan salt and charged under moonlight by a staff practitioner. The date of the clearing will appear on the packaging of your item so you know that the item you receive is neutral and ready for your own ritual use and energetic impression.

Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

Using the candle:

For rituals it is suggested to give a name or carve the name, word or symbol representing your intention into the base of the candle with a pin while focusing on your goal.(Heart, dollar sign, peace sign, a specific date, etc.)

Another method includes 'dressing' the candle; anointing it with oil while impressing your intention into it to make spellwork more powerful and effective. For spellwork that holds intentions to receive, anoint the candle from the top and move downward. If it is being used to release, rub the oil from the bottom to the top.

There isn't a wrong way if your intentions are right.

Please note: For a special occasion, this item should be ordered approximately 3 or more weeks in advance of the event. This helps ensure we have the stock available and helps accommodate potential shipping delays due to weather conditions and other circumstances out of our control.

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