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Ritual Magick Sigil Set (Pick 5)
Ritual Magick Sigil Set (Pick 5)

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The talismans in our Ritual Magick Sigil Collection are appropriate for altars or can be kept with you for intentional work. Energies of the five elements and four directions are just the beginning of what is incorporated into these ritual items.

There are a total of 15 different dual-sided Sigil talismans in this collection. One side is stamped with a powerful pictorial Sigil. The other is stamped with a guiding invocation/chant to activate it.

Practitioners use different combinations of these Sigils for energy work, ritual spellwork and gridwork to yield potent results. Create personal, unique combinations to energize romance, healing, prosperity, or work on fulfilling a range of your other desires. Develop and improve efficacy and mastery in your ritual work.

Choose your 5 Ritual Magick Sigil talismans from each of the three Realms of Influence below. Manifest or summon according to your preference and practice. You can also choose 5 that belong to a single Realm of Influence for more intense focus and magnification of your intention. (No outcome is guaranteed with any tools or ritual work anyone provides.)

Our Ritual Magick Sigil items reach us from Sedona, Arizona. Each item is made in the USA, crafted of magnificent quality, lead-free bright polished pewter and measures slightly under 1.5 inches diameter. (1 3/8 inches.)

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Physical Domain
  • Career Success - Good fortune to obtain, maintain & advance career.
  • Grounding - Present in Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Magickal Power - Increase power for spells & blessings.
  • Prosperity - Wealth and success.
  • Protection - Defense from ruin.

Emotional Realm / Astral Bridge
  • Healing - Recovery and Wholeness.
  • Love - Relationship, Romance, and Pleasure
  • Rebirth & Creativity - Enhance creative & co-creative powers.
  • Safe Travel - Protection through transitions, cord cutting, letting go.
  • Wishes - Fulfilling desires of your Will.

Causal Plane / Akashic Plane
  • Ancient Wisdom - Attunement to mystical knowledge.
  • Dreams - Clear, true, memorable dreams.
  • Meditation & Spirit Contact - Clarity of mind to hear the voice of Spirit.
  • Psychic Sight - Intuition and psychic power.
  • Spiritual Evolution - Soul transformation, metamorphosis, personal development.

Each set of ritual items is stored respectfully after being energetically cleared in Himalayan salt and charged under moonlight by a staff practitioner. The date of the clearing will appear on the packaging of your item so you know that the item you receive is neutral and ready for your own activation for ritual use and energetic impression.

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