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Shipping and Returns
Order & Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Please note - shipping/delivery time is a separate estimate from the amount of time we require to process your order. Order processing time often includes any custom printing, documentation and verification we must do to issue credentials which are legal documents.

  • In most cases, orders are shipped within 3-5 business days (not counting weekends and holidays) from the time your order is placed. Please consider there is additional transit time for your order to reach its destination once it is shipped.
  • During peak wedding season, certain practitioner sabbats, spiritual and secular holidays, and US Federal Holidays, (Ostara, Easter, Beltane, Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas for example) order processing can take up to 5 business days depending on our custom printing workload. We will extend our processing hours and shipping days to accommodate when we can.
  • Once your order is in the hands of our shipper, the amount of time it will take for your order to reach its destination will depend on the method chosen for shipment at checkout. We use the United States Parcel Service (USPS) exclusively for shipping except under rare circumstances.
  • Most orders will be shipped by USPS via First Class Mail (with or without tracking) or USPS Priority Mail, depending on the shipping option you chose, and also the size, weight, and contents of your order. The US Postal Service quotes the following estimates for delivery time.

***Delivery times for USPS Mail are estimates only. Estimates do not account for holidays and unforeseen weather etc. and cannot be guaranteed***

USPS Priority Mail: 2-3 days with tracking included.
First Class Mail: 2-7 days depending on transit distance. For International Shipments and for rare and unusual circumstances in the US, First Class Mail transit time can take more than 7 business days for delivery.

Package Tracking for First Class Mail is generally an option at checkout and not the default.
If you do not select the option at checkout for tracking your order, there will be no information available about the whereabouts of the order once it is in the hands of the US Postal Service. If your package contains certain bulk or heavy items weighing over a certain amount, then tracking becomes a default shipping option.

  • We must mention once more that the transit time for shipping/delivery is not the same as the processing time we require to fulfill your order. (Ordering Priority Mail for example, does not mean you will receive your order within 2-3 days. It means your order will take up to 3 days to reach its destination once we finish processing and the package is shipped.)
  • Severe weather conditions such as fire, flood, tornado, snow, earthquakes, and other circumstances (road closures, flight delays/re-routing) may affect transit routes and delivery times. If weather is ok where you are at, it may not be ok in an area your package needs to pass through to get to you.
  • USPS does not take delivery instructions to leave your package "with a receptionist", "with Joe at the front desk" or "at the side door next to the rose bush", etc.


International Shipments

International-bound parcels are often delivered within 14 business days or much sooner, depending on location. However, also depending on weather, location, and customs workload both on our end in the US, and at any other foreign location the parcel may pass through to arrive in your country, it can take just over 3 weeks, and sometimes longer.

We have had very good experience with International transit, but keep in mind it is possible for a package to be delayed at customs. This happens only rarely, but we cannot control such delays. On rare occasions, international deliveries have taken up to 6 weeks. During the height of pandemic closures worldwide, 3 months. Please understand that this is extremely rare, but has happened and it is something over which we have no control. Any import taxes or duties imposed are likewise beyond our control.

To date we have not had international packages lost. And only have had delays reported under rare and extreme circumstances.


FedEx When Available

The option to ship using a method other than the US Postal Service is generally not available. Apparel and some larger bulk items may be sent on rare occasions using United Parcel Service via Ground shipping.

FedEx shipping (when available) is typically reserved for overnight emergencies to ship documents only.
(Emergency 'overnight' shipping typically requires a minimum of 48 hours from order placement to delivery in reality.)

"Overnight" shipping refers to the shipping only and not our processing time. We must be allowed an additional 24 hours minimum, to receive notification of an emergency shipment and complete any verifications and custom printing needed.

FedEx Express estimates: 1-2 business days guaranteed* delivery time (depending on the option you choose), not including weekends or holidays. This is from the day they receive the parcel for shipment from us, which may not be the same day you place your order. Certain remote locations may take longer per FedEx terms and conditions. We will ship as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we will ship sooner than the next business day after you place your order. *Delivery time guarantee is subject to FedEx exceptions for weather delays.

--- FedEx cannot be used for orders shipping to a PO Box ---

If you choose express delivery, when it is available, we will prioritize your order above all others and you can expect that it will be processed and then shipped as soon as we can get it into the hands of FedEx. If there are complications involving your ordination date or other issues which need to be resolved, we will attempt to contact you by phone and email using the contact information you provided with your order. Please know if your order was placed without verifying ordination information through us or our headquarters first, it can cause more delays.

For more information on FedEx delivery estimations and limitations, visit the FedEx Website

We understand the occasions you buy for are some of the most important occasions in life. We take this very seriously, and strive to get your order to you quickly and accurately. You have our gratitude; for giving our church ministry supply the opportunity to be part of your special events and occasions! Thank you also for understanding that we are doing our best and there are circumstances that may cause delays that are not in our control.