Master of Gnosticism
Master of Gnosticism

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Course Includes: A Definition of Gnosticism, Gnostic scriptures, Texts, Gnosticism, Philosophical and Religious Ideals, The main features of Gnosticism, Moral and ritual practice, Major Gnostic movements and their texts, Important terms and concepts, History, Gnosticism: Ancient and modern, Gnosticism and the New Testament, Gnostic and Gnostic-Christian ties.

Gnosticism Outline & Lessons

Lesson 1 ------------------------- A Definition of Gnosticism

Lesson 2 ------------------------- Gnostic scriptures, Texts

Lesson 3 ------------------------- Gnosticism

Lesson 4 ------------------------- philosophical and religious

Lesson 5 ------------------------- The main features of Gnosticism

Lesson 6 ------------------------- Moral and ritual practice

Lesson 7 ------------------------- Major Gnostic movements and their texts

Lesson 8 ------------------------- Important terms and concepts

Lesson 9 ------------------------- History

Lesson 10 ------------------------ Gnosticism: Ancient and modern

Lesson 11 ------------------------ Gnosticism and the New Testament

Lesson 12 ----------------------- Gnostic and Gnostic-Christian ties

Lesson 13 ------------------------ Gnosticism vs. Christianity

Lesson 14 ------------------------ The Gnostic Gospels -- Are they the real history of Jesus?

Lesson 15-------------------------- Why is Gnosticism Important Today? Since the Da Vinci Code, This Religion Has Been Gaining Interest

Lesson 16 ------------------------------ Nag Hammadi Library

Lesson 17 -------- Gospel of Judas - Who Wrote It and What Does it Say

Lesson 18 -------------------------- The Secret Teachings

Lesson 19 ------------------------ Gnosticism Today

Lesson 20 -------------------------- Summation

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