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Wedding Ceremony Workbook
Desiderata Full Version Calligraphy Print
Regular Price $4.95
Clearance Sale Price $1.95
Savings: $3.00
More Weddings, Funerals and Rites
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Savings: $5.00
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann - Full Version Calligraphy Print

The beautiful text replicates an antiqued, hand-penned calligraphy styling, reminiscent of old-style Gothic manuscripts.
The print is available on ivory colored, medium-weight textured paper complimenting its classic-era look.
Measures approximately 7.5" x 11"

Buy 3 or more and take an additional 30% discount!
(Discount will automatically appear during checkout)
With this book, along with its companion, you'll have everything you could possibly need.  This book has all the wedding ceremonies from The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook, along with tons more wedding ceremonies.

There are also Divorce Ceremonies, Baptisms, Baby Namings, House Blessings, Funeral Ceremonies, Pet Funerals (For a dog and for a goldfish) and a lot more. There are blessings for boats, a Quincinera ceremony and other interesting ceremonies. As a minister, it's great to be prepared.
This book is one of the best on the market. It's funny and informative as well as giving information about weddings that's right on the money. The newly revised version has 81 pages of spiritual, loving, non-denominational ceremonies that are bound to pull a smile and/or a tear from virtually all the couples who get to use those words for their special day.
More Weddings Funerals and Rites of Passage ebook
New Testament Pocket Bible
Regular Price $4.95
Clearance Sale Price $2.95
Savings: $2.00
This product is the complete book of ceremonies from Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage and is available by email.

If you already have the book and want it so you can more easily manipulate and customize the ceremonies or you live in another country and want to get the book without the long wait, this is the thing for you.
More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage, now available as an instant download Pocket sized New Testament
Holy Bible for the 21st Century
A must-have manual for the universal minister. Includes information and instruction on topics that ministers are called on to address.
This is a great, inspiring book. If you want something to change your life, get this book. It will wake you up, and maybe shake you up! Written by the late Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, this book provides an excellent overview of the church and  Hensley's philosophy, and his vision for the church in the 21st Century
Wedding Words on Disk | Universal Life Church Wedding Words Disk
Wedding Words on Disc
Our Price: $19.95
Edit and print ceremonies from your computer.  Ready reference of useful wedding information, with ceremonies you can edit and paste together to suit any occasion. Compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. Ceremonies on this disk are completely different from those contained in our books. A practical manual of resources for worship services and special observances, including Communion, baptism, dedication of children, recognition of church leaders, installation of pastors, anniversaries, and seasonal celebrations. Offers help for occasions from birth through marriage, sickness, and death. Hardbound for pulpit use. 4" x 6", 221 pages. Get both the Star Minister's Manual and The Minister's Handbook together and save $5.00. The above two books are a perfectly matched set, the same compact size, and complement one another with completely different content. You will want both of these books, and can save $5.00 by getting them together as a 2-piece set.
Get the Star Minister Manual, The Minister Handbook and the Star Book for Pastoral Counselling together and save $8.00. The above three books are a perfectly matched set, the same compact size, and complement one another with completely different content.   Save $8 by getting the complete set at one time, and be prepared for almost everything you may be called upon to do as a minister.

This deluxe non-denominational manual includes how-to instructions for ministers to perform weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. Other tips include:

  • FAQ for wedding officiants.
  • How to avoid possible snags while preparing for an occasion.
  • How to handle the business side of providing service as an officiant.

Over 270 pages dedicated to wedding ceremonies, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, baptisms, house blessings and more.

We offer you the choice of a handsome hardcover edition or shop the store for the digital download version. Appropriate for all occasions.

Newsletter subscribers can buy the original Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage book, together with the newly released More Rites book, saving a bundle on the complete set! But hurry, this offer expires October 31, 2009.
Unvarnished Gospels
Our Price: $24.95
If you will be doing several weddings, you will want to obtain extra copies of this book. It is a good practice to offer one of these books to your clients during the initial consultation, at the time you take their deposit. This exchange helps to promote confidence and loyalty, and will enhance their commitment to using you for their minister, as well as their overall satisfaction with their choice. We offer it at a discount in quantities of five or more.   (5 for $75 = $15 each) By ordering these funeral ceremonies, you will have all the words you need to conduct a beautiful, healing ceremony for people of any denomination or no specific beliefs.  Many things to choose from. The literal translation of the oldest Greek texts makes for some very compelling reading. The characters and events of the New Testament come alive.
Seminary Sermons DVD
Our Price: $9.95
Wedding Ceremony Guide
Our Price: $19.95
DVD of mini-sermons offered through the ULC Seminary. What's next for the Universal Life movement? This book discusses this and other issues of importance to Universal Life ministers.
This book is full of beautiful, non-denominational wedding ceremony scripts. It also a comprehensive guide to wedding planning. Useful for ministers as well as couples planning a wedding.Excellent gift item, or for ministers to provide to couples during the initial consultation.
Star Minister Manual
Our Price: $17.99
Condensed Holy Bible
Our Price: $9.95
The Star Book for Ministers is the classic "little black book" for ministers. It is Christian oriented. Compact in size, it is easy to carry in a pocket or purse, yet contains an abundance of useful tools and resources. Guidance and information on weddings, funerals, prayers, church administration and choice selections from scripture for a variety of occasions.  Hardbound, 4" x 6", 213 pages.
In writing this newest volume in Judson Press’s best-selling “Star Book” series, Rev. Dr. Jason Curry offers ministers “a new resource for understanding the theory and practice of pastoral counseling in an ecclesiastical and postmodern context.” The Star Book for Pastoral Counseling is a practical guide for pastors, establishing pastoral counseling as a vital part of pastoral care. The book offers:
  • An overview of basic principles of counseling
  • A step-by-step approach to the first session
  • Help in constructing a genogram
Also included are sections related to:
  • Addiction and bereavement counseling
  • Making referrals
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Insights for counseling different groups, such as couples, families, women, African Americans, and the poor
This is the textbook for the Ph.D. course.  You may order it separately as well.  Later, if you wish, you may mail in your exam with $90 to complete the Ph.D. and receive a degree certificate.
Travel Bible Clearance
Regular price $6.95
Clearance Sale Price $3.95
Savings: $3.00

For the greatest savings, purchase all three books together and save $20 over the regular website price. Buy all three books- Save$20

We have found some great travel bibles that has both the Old and New Testament. You have a choice or black or white bibles.

They are perfect to put in your Chaplaincy Tool Box or just to have in your car or carry bag to reference.

Professionally produced video, featuring Amy Long, author of above wedding books and veteran wedding minister. Amy shows you step-by-step how to conduct your wedding ministry as a professional, from initial meeting and interview, right through to the actual ceremony. DVD format.

Introduction to ULC Booklet
Our Price: $3.95
Sale Price: $2.95
Any offering amount you select to gift is generous. Thank you. This full-color ULC handbook is included in our Clergy/Ministry Packages and is now available here to purchase on its own!