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Basic Ministry Package Complete Ministry Package Mini Clergy Package
Basic Ministry Package
Our Price: 39.95

Complete Ministry Package
Our Price: 119.95
Deal of the Day Price: 99.95
Savings: $20.00

Mini Clergy Package
Our Price: 14.95

Everything you need to get started as a real minister A complete ministry in a box The essential items all ministers need
Ultimate Marriage Ministry Package Wallet card with photo Minister's wallet card
Everything for a professional wedding ministry Professional style wallet card with your photo printed on the card
(more info)
Professional style wallet card
Clip-on holder for ID or wallet card
Clip Holder for Wallet Card
Our Price: 4.95

Master of Chaplaincy Studies
Our Price: 69.95

Bachelor of Religious Studies
Our Price: 59.95

Professional style wallet card This course is the core of our chaplaincy program. Leads to certification as a chaplain. This is a Christian-based course about the Bible and various aspects of the Christian Religion
Doctor of Spiritual Development Universal Life Church Ordination Certificate Certificate of Sainthood
NLP training and concepts, spiritual growth and practical tools for improving your life Official Certificate of Ordination Certificate of Sainthood
Doctor of Metaphysics and Miracles
Developing your spiritual awareness
4 Seminary Credits
This is a course in course in metaphysics and spiritual psychology, rooted in A Course In Miracles.
Master of Religious Philosophy
Universal Life Church Masters Degree in Religion
Master of Metaphysics - Spirit Quest
Our Price: 99.95
Deal of the Day Price: 69.95
Savings: $30.00

Masters Degree in Religion
Our Price: 69.95

Explode Your Spiritual Awareness With The Ultimate Spiritual Home Study Course! Masters Degree in Religion, written (well, dictated) by the late Kirby Hensley, founder of the Universal Life Church. PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Religion
Degree from Church Headquarters
2 Seminary credits
Universal Life Church Title Wedding Ceremony Workbook
Special Title
Our Price: 10.00

More Weddings, Funerals and Rites
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: 24.95
Savings: $5.00

  • Your title will be recorded in the permanent church records.
  • Nice 8.5 x 11 certificate is inscribed with your name, title, and the date issued.
  • Consider adding a presentation folder for a terrific gift.
With this book, along with its companion, you'll have everything you could possibly need.  This book has all the wedding ceremonies from The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook, along with tons more wedding ceremonies.

There are also Divorce Ceremonies, Baptisms, Baby Namings, House Blessings, Funeral Ceremonies, Pet Funerals (For a dog and for a goldfish) and a lot more. There are blessings for boats, a Quincinera ceremony and other interesting ceremonies. As a minister, it's great to be prepared.
This book is one of the best on the market. It's funny and informative as well as giving information about weddings that's right on the money. The newly revised version has 81 pages of spiritual, loving, non-denominational ceremonies that are bound to pull a smile and/or a tear from virtually all the couples who get to use those words for their special day.
Universal Life Church clip-on badge
Pick Three Certificates
Our Price: 9.95

ULC Clergy Badge with Clip
Our Price: 7.95

Certificate 3-pak ULC badge with clip (5 to choose from) A complete guide to help ministers prepare tax returns and plan their financial future. Â  Be sure to structure your finances legally and in the most tax favorable way. Â  This book is released annually. Â  If you earn income as a minister and you do not have this book, chances are you are overpaying your taxes! Â  This book is updated annually, and this is the most recent release for 2016 (2015 tax returns)
More Weddings Funerals and Rites of Passage ebook
S.O.U.L. Clinic Course
Our Price: 99.95
The Science of Understanding Life, SOUL Clinic course is a course in psychology. This course deals with resources from many fields. This course does not entitle you to be a state certified psychologist. It qualifies you as a ministerial counselor. This course consists of 12 lessons, as well as three textbooks which you obtain locally. They are available in most libraries and bookstores. A SOUL Clinic License is issued upon completion of the course. This interesting course is a must for every active minister.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided at checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
This product is the complete book of ceremonies from Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage and is available by email.

If you already have the book and want it so you can more easily manipulate and customize the ceremonies or you live in another country and want to get the book without the long wait, this is the thing for you.
More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage, now available as an instant download
ULC Car Ribbon
Reversible Parking Placard
Our Price: 9.95

Car Ribbon Magnet
Our Price: 5.95

Dashboard type, reversible. Heavy cardstock with glossy UV coating. Magnetic Ribbon for you car In depth Bible study course and degree
Doctor of Motivation
Our Price: 29.95

Doctor of the Universe
Our Price: 29.95
This course is in American Church Law and Parliamentary Procedure. Especially useful for pastors and administrative staff. 75% or better on final exam required.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
This course deals with self-reliance and is designed to increase your confidence and capabilities. Upon successful completion of this course, 75% or higher on the final exam, you will be qualified to teach and conduct seminars on this subject.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
The Doctor of the Universe course consists of three volumes written by Rev. Kirby Hensley: The Prophet, The Children of the Prophet, and The Universal Order. After reading the course materials, you will take the final exam and upon scoring 75% or higher, your degree will be awarded.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
Reversible Wedding Stole | ULC Reversible Wedding Stole
Doctor of Immortality
Our Price: 29.95
Master of Druidism
Our Price: 59.95
This study gives one a better understanding of their own make-up and potential and is based on the book "A New Life--Do You Want It?" This degree is awarded upon successful completion, 75% or higher on the final exam.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
This exclusively designed stole has symbols for both wedding and baptism embroidered on opposite sides.

Fully lined with reinforced seams, this stole offers excellent value for an unbeatable price.
110" Long

If you are curious to know the origins of Druidism and Druidry, then allow yourself to be swept back in time by reviewing both the facts and history of this ancient society. Charming lore, imagination and intrigue await you with this magical course.
Custom personalized wedding certificate Pulpit Robe, Black with Velveteen Panels | Pulpit Robe with Velvet Panels
Custom personalized wedding certificate Black robe with velveteen panels.
More info
Save even more by getting the new More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage together with the Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Guide. Offer expires October 31, 2009.
This is a course on prayer. It is intended for all ministers of God, from every walk of faith who seek to become God-centered. This is an outstanding course which looks at the Four Gospels from a spiritual perspective.  It's appropriate for both Christians and non-Christians alike, as spirituality knows no bounds. Official Universal Life Church Press Pass
Universal Life Church wedding certificates
White Wedding Stole
Our Price: 89.95
This is a badge for those who study the Medicine Way. It has a picture of a medicine wheel on it and says 'Medicine Way' on it, with the word minister.  It was a custom item for our Shaman ministers. This beautiful wedding stole will make a perfect addition to your wedding ministry.  You can wear it over a ministerial robe or even a nice suit jacket. Marriage Certificates, 10-pak
Universal Life Church Marriage Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Our Price: 4.95

A must-have manual for the universal minister. Includes information and instruction on topics that ministers are called on to address.

The perfect addition to any of the ULC certificate. Use one to enhance the presentation of a title or certificate of sainthood. Marriage ministers use them to hold the church marriage certificate given to couples that they marry. They are attractive "diploma holders" for the ULC degree certificates as well.

Each of these folders is die cut to hold either an 8.5 x 11 or 8 x 10 certificate. The cover is embossed with the church name in gold foil.

ULC Marriage Certificate
Holy Bible for the 21st Century
Marriage Certificate 3-pack
Our Price: 9.95

A New Life--Do You Want It?
Our Price: 9.95

Bible for the 21st Century
Our Price: 9.95


Buy three and save!

This is a great, inspiring book. If you want something to change your life, get this book. It will wake you up, and maybe shake you up! Written by the late Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, this book provides an excellent overview of the church and  Hensley's philosophy, and his vision for the church in the 21st Century
Wedding Words on Disk | Universal Life Church Wedding Words Disk
Our Price: 19.95
Edit and print ceremonies from your computer.  Ready reference of useful wedding information, with ceremonies you can edit and paste together to suit any occasion. Compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. Ceremonies on this disk are completely different from those contained in our books. A practical manual of resources for worship services and special observances, including Communion, baptism, dedication of children, recognition of church leaders, installation of pastors, anniversaries, and seasonal celebrations. Offers help for occasions from birth through marriage, sickness, and death. Hardbound for pulpit use. 4" x 6", 221 pages. Get both the Star Minister's Manual and The Minister's Handbook together and save $5.00. The above two books are a perfectly matched set, the same compact size, and complement one another with completely different content. You will want both of these books, and can save $5.00 by getting them together as a 2-piece set.
Embroidered Wedding Stole | ULC Embroidered Wedding Stole Embroidered Alpha Omega Stole | Alpha Omega Stole Embroidered Clergy Stole | Universal Life Church Clergy Stole
Embroidered Clergy Stole
Our Price: 49.95

  • 100% polyester with clean finish seams
  • Reinforced stitching and seams
  • Fully lined
  • Back cord to keep stole in place
  • 110" L, and 5 1/2" W at the widest point

  • 100% smooth weave polyester with clean finish seams
  • Double layer fabric is fully lined
  • Reinforced embroidered stitching and seams
  • Back cord keeps stole comfortably in place
  • 110" L, and 5 1/2" W at the widest point
  • Your choice of four popular colors (green, white, purple, red)
  • Add a plastic storage case for just $4.95

  • 100% smooth weave polyester with clean finish seams
  • Double layer fabric is fully lined
  • Reinforced embroidered stitching and seams
  • Back cord keeps stole comfortably in place
  • 110" L, and 5 1/2" W at the widest point
  • Your choice of three popular colors
  • Sorry! No more green in this style!
  • Add a storage case for just $4.95
Out supplier has stopped offering this style of stole. Once our remaining limited inventory is gone, we will not be able to get any more of these. (Green is already sold out)

Renewal of Marriage Certificate Portable / Emergency Communion Set | Portable Communion Set

Perfect for use upon renewal of vows. 8.5 x 11.

Compact enough to fit in your vehicle glove box, this is perfect for the minister who wants to be prepared for a crisis, where you might be called upon to offer communion or last rites on the spur of the moment. It is also well suited for visits to hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere you might be called upon to perform this sacerdotal rite.
  • Zippered vinyl shell with caribiner hook, embossed cross design (7.75" x 5")
  • Case is flexible, but hard enough to provide protection
  • 12 disposable cups enclosed in a plastic sleeve
  • Aluminum Host Box (7/8" x 2" dia.)
  • 2 oz. Juice Bottle (2.75" high)
  • Glass vial for annointing oil (oil not included)
  • Add an optional dark red or green silk stole, just $14.95 (includes storage case)
The only thing we didn't completely love about this set was that it comes with disposable plastic cups. So we have added 3 compact communion glasses to the set that comes from the supplier! The plastic cups are great for their purpose, but the reusable glass cups add a touch of elegance.

You will not be able to fit both the sleeve of plastic cups and glass cups in your case at the same time. Be sure to provide protective packing for the glass cups when you travel with them, to prevent chipping or breaking.
Get the Star Minister Manual, The Minister Handbook and the Star Book for Pastoral Counselling together and save $8.00. The above three books are a perfectly matched set, the same compact size, and complement one another with completely different content.   Save $8 by getting the complete set at one time, and be prepared for almost everything you may be called upon to do as a minister.
Buddhist Studies Course
Doctor of Christian Ethics
Our Price: 69.95

This course reviews the various if, when, and who facts and theories regarding Exodus and Moses focused on Pentateuch era Biblical Egyptology. Uniquely, the instructor translates hieroglyphs so the student can read critical artifact inscriptions and make intelligent self determinations! This is an enlightening look at Buddhism, covering many topics of this fascinating belief system There is information about early Christian Ethics and how it pertains to Jewish Law, the differences in perspective between the old and new testaments and a lot more.
Master of Gnosticism
Our Price: 59.95
Master of Spirituality
Our Price: 59.95

Course Includes: A Definition of Gnosticism, Gnostic scriptures, Texts, Gnosticism, Philosophical and Religious Ideals, The main features of Gnosticism, Moral and ritual practice, Major Gnostic movements and their texts, Important terms and concepts, History, Gnosticism: Ancient and modern, Gnosticism and the New Testament, Gnostic and Gnostic-Christian ties. As a minister, you will learn how to minister to science-minded people. It's a completely fascinating and intriguing course and you will be wiser for the taking of it. It is a philosophy course as well as a look at spirituality.

Buy three and save.

Buy three and save!

This deluxe manual for ministers includes instructions for the minister on performing weddings,  funerals and other ceremonies. How to avoid possible snags, FAQ for wedding ministers, and how to handle the business side of things. Over 270 pages of new wedding ceremonies, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, baptisms, house blessings and more. Non-denominational. Beautifully bound, hardcover book, appropriate for all occasions.

Buy five and save.

Vial of Holy Water from the Jordan River | Holy Water from the Jordan River
License Plate Frame
Our Price: 6.95

Newsletter subscribers can buy the original Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage book, together with the newly released More Rites book, saving a bundle on the complete set! But hurry, this offer expires October 31, 2009. This license plate frame shows the name of the church at the bottom, and proclaims that you are a minister across the top of the frame.

An excellent way to subtly communicate your status as a minister to anyone who has occasion to look at your license plate.
Sealed glass vial contains consecrated Holy Water from the Jordan River.

Perfect for special occasion use, or to store with your emergency response kit.

(1 7/8" tall vial)
Bachelor of Divinity Universal Life Church Master of Divinity Degree
Bachelor of Divinity
Our Price: 29.95
Deal of the Day Price: 19.95
Savings: $10.00

Master of Divinity
Our Price: 29.95

Get two license plate frames at a discount.  One for front and rear plates, or one for each car. Honorary Bachelor of Divinity Honorary Master of Divinity
Universal Life Church Doctor of Divinity Bachelor of Divinity
Dr. of Divinity, D.D.
Our Price: 29.95

Wedding Ceremony Guide 5-pak
Our Price: 74.95

This honorary Dr. of Divinity degree is offered through the ULC Seminary. The degree comes on high-quality paper with pen and ink signature and a gold seal. Honorary Bachelor of Divinity If you will be doing several weddings, you will want to obtain extra copies of this book. It is a good practice to offer one of these books to your clients during the initial consultation, at the time you take their deposit. This exchange helps to promote confidence and loyalty, and will enhance their commitment to using you for their minister, as well as their overall satisfaction with their choice. We offer it at a discount in quantities of five or more.   (5 for $75 = $15 each)
Christian Minister Badge baby naming certificate
By ordering these funeral ceremonies, you will have all the words you need to conduct a beautiful, healing ceremony for people of any denomination or no specific beliefs.  Many things to choose from.
  • Christian minister badge with a cross and a brown and orange background
  • Add an optional plastic clip-on badge ($4.95 value) for just $2.95
Baby naming certificates
worry stone Jewish Clergy Badge
One Faith Stone
Our Price: 4.95
Jewish Clergy Badge
Our Price: 5.95
Handfasting Certificates (10)
Our Price: 19.95

Inspirational "Worry Stone" If you are Jewish clergy, this badge will represent your status to others.
Add a clip-on badge holder ($4.95 value) for just $2.95 when ordering the card
These beautiful hand-fasting certificates come on high-quality certificate paper with a big gold embossed ULC seal on each one.

You get ten in a pack and they're perfect for those who are asked to perform a legal and/or a ceremonial hand-fasting.
Our Price: 7.95

Unvarnished Gospels
Our Price: 24.95
These house blessing certificates are ideal to have if you plan on performing some house blessings.

  • This beautiful little pin features the ULC shield and a butterfly pin back

  • Wear on the collar of your shirt, robe, or blouse to identify your status in a subtle but noticeable way

The literal translation of the oldest Greek texts makes for some very compelling reading. The characters and events of the New Testament come alive.
Seminary Sermons DVD
Our Price: 9.95
ULC Patch
List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $4.95
Sale Price: 2.25
Savings: $2.70

DVD of mini-sermons offered through the ULC Seminary. ULC Minister Decal
  • These beautiful ULC patches are sold exclusively on this site
  • They are perfect for putting on a baseball hat, a polo shirt, a jacket or what have you
  • With this patch, you can proudly display your church affiliation with the ULC
  • 2 1/4" x 1 3/4 " (5.7cm x 4.5 cm)
Baptism Certificate
Wedding Ceremony Guide
Our Price: 19.95

Buy several at once and save!

What's next for the Universal Life movement? This book discusses this and other issues of importance to Universal Life ministers.
This book is full of beautiful, non-denominational wedding ceremony scripts. It also a comprehensive guide to wedding planning. Useful for ministers as well as couples planning a wedding.Excellent gift item, or for ministers to provide to couples during the initial consultation.
Star Minister Manual
Our Price: 17.99
Condensed Holy Bible
Our Price: 9.95

The Star Book for Ministers is the classic "little black book" for ministers. It is Christian oriented. Compact in size, it is easy to carry in a pocket or purse, yet contains an abundance of useful tools and resources. Guidance and information on weddings, funerals, prayers, church administration and choice selections from scripture for a variety of occasions.  Hardbound, 4" x 6", 213 pages.
In writing this newest volume in Judson Press’s best-selling “Star Book” series, Rev. Dr. Jason Curry offers ministers “a new resource for understanding the theory and practice of pastoral counseling in an ecclesiastical and postmodern context.” The Star Book for Pastoral Counseling is a practical guide for pastors, establishing pastoral counseling as a vital part of pastoral care. The book offers:
  • An overview of basic principles of counseling
  • A step-by-step approach to the first session
  • Help in constructing a genogram
Also included are sections related to:
  • Addiction and bereavement counseling
  • Making referrals
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Insights for counseling different groups, such as couples, families, women, African Americans, and the poor
This is the textbook for the Ph.D. course.  You may order it separately as well.  Later, if you wish, you may mail in your exam with $90 to complete the Ph.D. and receive a degree certificate.
Stole Storage Case | Stole Storage Pouch - Trinity Church Supply Holy Water Bottle | Holy Water Holy Water Bottle Keychain | Holy Water Bottle on Clipable Keychain
Stole Storage Case
Our Price: 7.95
Holy Water bottle
Our Price: 4.95

A great solution to keep your stoles clean from dirt and dust.
  • See-through vinyl
  • Sturdy snap closure
  • 6" x 16" L, 1 1⁄2" Gusset

Frosted bottle with combination sprinkler and refill screw cap.

Features unique locking spout mechanism on cap to safely hold holy water.

Gold emblem. Moulded 4 oz

Click for Recipes and Instructions

Molded plastic container contains 15 ml of Holy Water that has been specially consecrated and blessed. Attached to a sturdy metal keychain.

Suitable for all-purpose use in blessings, communion, baptism, and other rituals.

Click for Recipes and Instructions

Friar Tuck Long Sleeve Clergy Shirt
Tab collar for clergy shirt
Our Price: 4.95

Features a regular buttoned cuff, double stitched, polyester/cotton easy-care fabric, placket front and a single pocket. Molded collar tab included. 65% Polyester/35% Cotton. Black Only.
Neck sizes: 15, 15 1/2, 16, 16 1/2
Sleeve lengths: 32-34, 34-35

Check your neck and sleeve size carefully before ordering.

Shirts cannot be returned, except for exchange in the case of a manufacturer defect.
** Limited quantities available of all shirts **

Tab collar for shirts

For the greatest savings, purchase all three books together and save $20 over the regular website price. Buy all three books- Save$20

Baptism Certificate Universal Life Church Hanging Parking Placard
Baptism Certificate
Our Price: 5.00
Hanging Parking Placard
Our Price: 12.95


Present one of these beautiful certificates any time you baptize someone. 8.5 x 11 certificate, suitable for framing, with raised thermographic ink, on heavy certificate paper.

This package is five Business-Building copies of the Ultimate Wedding and Ceremony Workbook For the 'Planning-Impaired'.

It's an outstanding tool for building your wedding business!
Parking Placard (heavy duty PVC, mirror-hanging type)
Friar Tuck Mens Traditional Tab Shirt, Short-sleeve Astral Projection
Bachelor of Metaphysics
Our Price: 59.95
Men's short sleeve traditional tab collar clergy shirt In this 6 month course, the student will be exposed to two sides of Astral Projection, the theoretical and the practical. This course is a great accompaniment to the Master of Metaphysics course.

The lessons include:
Improving your intuition,
the power of positive thinking,
understanding dreams,
remote viewing and
the relaxation ritual.
Bachelor of Sufism
Our Price: 64.95
Master of Comparative Religion
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: 59.95
Savings: $30.00

��Sufism is the modern form of Gnosis, the secret knowledge passed down from the ancients��the Zoroastrians, the old Hindu yogis, the Platonists, and the Essenes, the followers of the secret path having continued up to the present time under diverse mystical appellations, with tenets modified by the ages within which they live. The form the ��archetype�� of existence, a regular system of spiritual creation.�� This is one of the most informative course we offer. It is packed full of information about different religions with an emphasis on interfaith studies. There are discourses about different stories between the religions, an overview of the different similarities and differences and so much more. This is a course that looks at Jesus from a Historical perspective. I had a great response to the lesson about how others see Jesus from other religions, so I think this is a course that will please and enlighten a lot of people.
Master of Shamanism
Our Price: 59.95
Master of Paganism
Our Price: 59.95
Have you ever wondered if there is more to the Christian story than you were taught? Are you a seeker for the truth, a truth that may very well lead beyond the well-worn paths of traditional religion? This is a must-have among our offered courses for anyone who is interested in the foundations of religion, religious history, and the evolution of religious beliefs, as well as those who have a deep curiosity and calling to understand the mysterious ways of the Shaman. This is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Paganism. As ULC Ministers, we pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge about all belief systems. The more you study, the more you begin to recognize the similarities, rather than the differences.
This is a course based on the book, The Celestine Prophecy. In this 20 week course, you will enhance your spiritual awareness and clarity. The course is interesting and informative. Course Description:

The hardest path, journey or pilgrimage for a spiritual leader is not those steps taken outwards, but rather inwards.  This course is adapted from Rev. Dr. Tyler Ragan's book Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred, the course itself is a 20 week self-discovery pilgrimage to aid a leader in defining their mission and calling.

As with the other Seminary courses, this course will be emailed.  Please be sure to include the email address where you'd like it sent.
In this weekly, informative course, you will learn the essentials of Tools, Altars, History, Energy and much much more, taught by a 4th generation Wiccan Lord, Lord Starwalker and by another skilled Wiccan, Devon. Whether you have been practicing for awhile or are completely new, this course has something for you.
Doctor of Metaphysics
Our Price: 29.95
This is a course about the life of the apostle Paul. The author has spent years devoted to research and study of this early Christian leader and is sharing this with you.
This course is concerned with motivational meditation, and helps you focus your powers of concentration and self control. The degree and course will be shipped together, as no test is required for this honorary degree. Issued by ULC Headquarters in Modesto.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
This popular course introduces the doctrine of the invisible within the physical. No test is required for this honorary degree.

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
Universal Life Church Doctor of Divinity Degree
Doctor of Divinity
Our Price: 29.95


The latest evolution in comfort and style for women in the clergy, Friar Tuck Lydia Collection offers a truly wrinkle free fabric, with an updated style and fit.

  • Pure 100% cotton that is wrinkle-free!
  • Updated classic fit
  • Placket covers front buttons
  • Straight bottom with slits in side seams at hem
  • Double-stitched seams for added durability
  • Machine wash-and-wear convenience
  • Superior, high-quality construction
  • Color-fast and durable through years of washing
  • Collar tab is included

No returns or exchanges on this item: Please check your sizing carefully, using the size chart as we cannot accept returns on shirts.

Important notice: Friar Tuck has discontinued production of the Lydia collection. Some shirts are still available, but there are limited quantities. Once they are sold out, there will be no more of these remarkable shirts available. We now have ONLY pale rose and English blue remaining.

Doctor of Divinity Degree
This course deals with the relationship of Church and State over the past 6,000 years. This course covers the origins of western religion as well as the conflicts between the ULC and the United States government. No test is required for this honorary degree which is issued by church headquarters in Modesto

Enter the name and address of the person this degree is for. It will be shipped to the "ship to" address provided as checkout, however we need the name and address of the recipient so that it can be properly recorded in the church records.
Christian Clergy Badge
Our Price: 5.95
Travel Bible
Our Price: 6.95

Clergy badge with a cross and the word 'Clergy' with a brown and orange background. We have found some great travel bibles that has both the Old and New Testament. You have a choice or black or white bibles.

They are perfect to put in your Chaplaincy Tool Box or just to have in your car or carry bag to reference.
This beautiful membership certificates shows you as a member of our organization and shows your commitment to continuing education and your dedication to your ministry.
Affirmation of Love Certificate | Universal Life Church Affirmation of Love Certificate
The Many Faces of ULC
Our Price: 14.95
This is a book that is about ULC ministers. It has the stories of 60 ULC ministers, including both myself and Kevin Andrews, who runs the site. It has a beautiful cover and is full of wonderful stories. It lends credibility to your status as a ULC ministers. Be sure to get your copy! These certificates were requested by people who perform Wiccannings for their children.
This ritual is similar to a Baby Naming Ceremony or a Baptism.
This package comes with 10 certificates, all with gold ULC embossed seals.

The official certificate of the church for use with commitment ceremonies for couples who cannot become legally married or prefer not to. Beautiful 8.5 x 11 certificate is suitable for framing.

Universal Life Church Embossed Certificate Seal, logo style Wallet Credential

Professionally produced video, featuring Amy Long, author of above wedding books and veteran wedding minister. Amy shows you step-by-step how to conduct your wedding ministry as a professional, from initial meeting and interview, right through to the actual ceremony. DVD format.

Certificate seal, logo style Fascimille wallet credential
Universal Life Church certificate seal, shield style Blessed Be badge
Seminary Press Pass
Our Price: 14.95

Blessed Be Badge
Our Price: 6.95
This beautiful plastic press pass is available as a clip on or as a wallet ID card. It contains your name and address with the title as Cyber-journalist for the website. Certificate seal, shield style Choice of Badges and clip-ons
Christian Clergy Badge with Cross Pagan minister badge
Classic Black ULC Badge
Our Price: 5.95

Pagan Clergy Badge
Our Price: 5.95
This is the classic black card with gold writing ULC Badge. It has the shield and the word Clergy at the top. It comes with a clip and will make your status known at religious functions or weddings. This is one of our new line of clergy cross badges.

This is a beautiful gold and purple cross with the word 'clergy' underneath. As with all of our badges, they are on high-quality plastic cards with clips.
You have a choice of these three beautiful badges. All three are Pagan clergy badges.
  • Pagan Minister
  • Harms None - Clergy
  • Pagan Clergy with Brooms
Add a clip-on badge holder ($4.95 value) for just $2.95 when purchased with the card
Plain Silk Stole | Universal Life Church Plain Silk Stole
Plain Silk Stole
Our Price: 19.95

ULC Badge - Assorted Styles
Our Price: 5.95

  • Silk stole, plain with no embroidery
  • Double layer fabric, V-neck back
  • Your choice of two colors
  • Overall length, approx. 108 inches
  • For limited time, includes sturdy plastic storage case with snap closure ($7.95 value)
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Classic white card with ULC shield logo in gold letters
Tax and Financial Guide for Churches - 2014 Edition
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: 4.99
Savings: $11.00
Ministers Tax Guide - 2014 Edition
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: 4.99
Savings: $11.00
Wallet sized credential replica card
This is the 2014 edition of the book, which is published annually. The information in these books changes very little from year to you, so as a reference book for these issues, this will be a terrific resource at a greatly reduced price.

If you have, or plan to start, an active congregation, this book is indispensable! It will save you from headaches down the road. Complete with sample resolutions for the church board to adopt, this book will guide you past the potential land mines you may otherwise encounter. If you have responsibility for a church group and do not have a copy of this book, you are nuts, plain and simple. Shows the right way to structure ministers housing allowance and other tax benefits for ministers. Do things correctly from the beginning!
This is the 2014 edition of this book, which is published annually. The information in these books does not change very much from year to year, and while we have a supply of the 2014 remaining, we are offering them at a steep discount.

A complete guide to help ministers prepare tax returns and plan their financial future. Be sure to structure your finances legally and in the most tax favorable way. This book is released annually. If you earn income as a minister and you do not have this book, chances are you are overpaying your taxes!
Ten Commandments Pocket Card The Universal Life Church Headquarters is able to provide letters of good standing and other similar documents which may be required to register with your state in order to officiate marriage.

The requirements for each state are different, and the staff at ULC Headquarters is aware of what is required in each state. Please note that most states do not require this document.

Check here to see if it is required in your state. Please check first before asking headquarters for a letter.

Click here for more information on how to obtain this document

  • This listing is provided for informational purposes only
  • We do not provide the letters of good standing from this Web site
  • You must contact church headquarters for this item (IF it is needed)