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Instant Ministry
Instant Ministry

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Our Price: $129.95

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This Instant Ministry Package is perfect for the minister who wants to do it all. With this package, all you need to do is 'add minister and mix.'

* Best Product*

Each Instant Ministry will contain the following:

1 Ordination Wall Credential with your name imprinted on it.

1 Wallet ID Card *** This Month's Special ***

1 Dr. of Divinity

1 Copy of Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage.

1 Copy of The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired' (yellow cover)

15 Ceremony Certificates (total) including:

* Wedding Certificate

* Commitment Certificate

* House Blessing Certificate

* Baptism Certificate

* Renewal of Vows Certificate

* Baby Naming Certificate

All with an embossed gold seal on high quality certificate paper.

1 Wedding Business Video (on dvd)

1 Phone Script to help you set appointments (in the download)

1 Order of Ceremony Worksheet for you to make copies of. (in the download)

1 CD of Weddings, Funerals and Rites in a Word Document (in the download).

1 Informational sheets for how to perform funeral services, including order of service (in the download)

1 ULC Clergy Badge

1 Parking Placard that hangs from your rear-view mirror

This new box represents over $240 in value.

The Instant Ministry contains all the tools necessary to be able to perform the essential tasks of a ministry. You'll have the ceremonies you need for the most common situations, as well as all the credentials and accoutrements necessary to enhance your credibility and confidence. Don't miss out on this outstanding new tool!.

Another special for this package is that you can have your Dr. of Divinity put on a special Wallet Card! This is an offer exclusive to the Seminary.

* It can only be ordered at the initial time of purchase with the package. It is not available separately*

If you'd like it, please add it below.

***Very Important: After you place your order, send your ordination confirmation email (the one welcoming you to the church) to andre@ulchq.com and let him know you just ordered a credential from the Seminary. This will speed things up a LOT.

***Note: The beautiful, raised gold seal offered here is not the official ULC seal offered by headquarters. The official seal of the church is the one pre-printed on your certificates. If your state requires registration for purposes of officiating marriage, first present your certificate as is. If you decide to apply the decorative seal to your credential, do it only after you have registered with the state. Putting on the seal to your certificate does not change the legality of your ordination in any way. However, county clerks in some places may possibly reject your paperwork if you've made any changes to the credential before you register. I've never heard of it to happen, but Andre at headquarters says it may happen.

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